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Lake Tahoe:

Kelly & Ryan's Cabo san Lucas Wedding:

Santa Ynez Valley, California:

Ryan Lynch Birthday Balloon flight, Colorado:

Colorado Wine-Tasting:

Lajitas, Texas, Oct2008:

Davis Mountains, Texas:

Burke & Riley's Golf Tournament, Breckenridge, Colorado, Sept2008:

Burke & Riley's Golf Tournament, Breckenridge, Colorado, Sept2007:

Aspen, Colorado:

Steamboat Springs, Colorado Hot-Air Ballooning:

Summit of Mt. Grays & Mt. Torreys, Colorado:

Cruising Lake Dillon, Colorado:

New Orleans, Louisiana, June2009:

Mt. Wise Cabin Trek II, Colorado:

Mt. Wise Cabin Trek III, Colorado:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, March2009:

Napa-Sonoma, California, April2009:

Voyage Galveston to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, Oct. - Jan. 2005:

Odyssey: An extended adventerous voyage or trip. An intellectual or spiritual quest; an odyssey of discovery.
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